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At Leicester Driver Training Ltd, we offer training packages to suit everyone’s needs when it comes to HGV driver training. All of our courses cover the basics through to the advanced information required to drive a HGV safely and ultimately pass your HGV (LGV) Driving Test.

Our HGV training centre is located at Thurmaston Footpath in Leicester. Leicestershire is a hub when it comes to lorry driving and the transportation of goods. With its central location to the rest of the UK, companies are utilising Leicester for fast distribution to their customers. East Midlands Airport (EMA) is also located on the border of Leicestershire, a huge amount of freight is transported through EMA every day. There is an enormous demand for HGV drivers throughout Leicester and the surrounding cities.

Our HGV training courses:

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HGV (LGV) Driver Training Process

We have written an in depth article detailing the complete process to become a HGV (LGV) driver. From booking your medical exam to passing your driving test, we have you covered.

Quick overview of the HGV (LGV) driver training process:

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  2. Medical examination
  3. Provisional application
  4. Theory test
  5. Case studies test
  6. Practical training
  7. Driving ability test
  8. Practical demonstration
  9. Further CPC training

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High Quality Training with a Leicester HGV Company you can Trust

Leicester Driver Training has soon become one of the most popular and well respected HGV training schools in Leicester. Carl Browett, our head instructor, has over 12 years experience with teaching new students how to become an HGV driver.

Take a look at our Google Maps page and read through our reviews. You’ll soon see why LDT has become the go to place for HGV (LGV) training in Leicester.

Affordable Pricing & Cheap HGV Training Courses in Leicester

We pride ourselves on providing top quality HGV training at cheap prices. We don’t compromise on our teaching quality when it comes to your training.

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