In these Terms of Business the following definitions apply:-

“Training Course” means the period during which the Customer undertakes an LGV Driver Training Course

“Training Company” means Leicester Driver Training Ltd of:- 4-10 Thurmaston Footpath, Leceister, LE4 9JU

“Trainee” means the Customer undertaking LGV Driver Training

Unless the context otherwise requires, references to the singular include the plural and references to the masculine include the feminine The headings contained in these Terms are for convenience only and do not affect their interpretation.

a. These terms listed below form a contract between the “Trainee” undertaking the Driver Training Course and the “Training Company” and cover all the Training Courses undertaken.
b. No variation or alteration to these terms shall be valid unless approved by a Director of the “Training Company” in writing.

a. All course fees must be paid in full, fourteen days before the course commences. All deposits paid to the “Training Company” are non-refundable.
b. Course fees are payable in full if condition 4.1 is not adhered to.
c. Preferred course dates that the “Trainee” has selected on the booking form cannot be guaranteed by the “Training Company” you will be informed of alternative dates that are available.
d. If after 14 days of receiving course-joining instructions you wish to change either your theory or practical test dates there will be an administration charge of £25.00.

a. Course cancellation must be made in writing to the Company Secretary and sent by recorded delivery to arrive at the above address no later than twenty-eight days prior to the commencement of the course
b. Should a course be reserved to commence within less than a fourteen day period and then cancelled for whatever reason full course fees will become payable to the “Training Company”.
c. The “Training Company” cannot be held responsible for a practical test being cancelled by the Department of Transport.
d. In the event of the above we will endeavour to supply a test as soon as possible.
e. In the event of a mechanical breakdown, which reduces the training time available to the “Trainee”, the “Training Company” will endeavour to provide additional training equivalent to the period at no extra cost to the “Customer”.
f. The “Training Company” accepts no financial penalty i.e. loss of wages or travel expenses in respect of conditions numbered 4.3 and 4.5 above.
g. The “Training Company” reserves the right to terminate any person whilst on course that they consider to be a danger to themselves and the general public and proportion the course fees accordingly.
h. Should the “Trainee” not reach the Department of Transport practical test standard within the course period the “Training Company” reserves the right to cancel the practical test and proportion the course fees accordingly.
i. The “Training Company” reserve the right should the “Trainee” during the duration of their course or whilst undertaking further training days be under the influence of alcohol or drugs to terminate the course and all course fees will be forfeited.
j. Deposits are returned at the discretion of the “Training Company” once course dates have been arranged for the “Trainee” by the “Training Company” they will not be allowed to be altered. The duration of all course options is 5-10 days unless otherwise agreed in writing.

a. The “Training Company” reserves the right to refund the course fee subject to course availability.
b. All “Trainees” must be in possession of all legal driving licence requirements before commencement of the course. The “Training Company” accepts no responsibility for “Trainees” who have not complied with these requirements and all deposits and course fees paid will be forfeited.
c. The “Training Company” reserves the right to split courses over two weeks.
d. “Trainees” who have the provisional LGV entitlement and have passed the LGV Theory test will be given priority for course reservation.
e. Should the “Trainee” miss any days training on their course for whatever reason (including sickness) no course fees will be refunded by the “Training Company” to the “Trainee”.
f. The “Training Company” cannot guarantee to the “Trainee” that they will use the same vehicle for training or re-testing although the “Training Company” will use its best endeavour to keep you in the same vehicle for the duration of your course.
g. The “Training Company” cannot be held responsible for any loss of personal effects the “Trainee” may leave in the training vehicle or on Company premises.
h. The “Trainee” must produce to the practical test driving examiner a form of photographic ID and a theory test pass certificate together with their current valid driving licence on the day of test failure to do so will result in the course offer to be classed as null and void and all course fees paid will be forfeited.
i. All nominal holding fees are non-refundable should the Company not receive the completed booking form together with the course deposit within the fourteen-day period. We reserve the right to re-offer that course place.
j. All vehicles left at the Company premises during the Training Courses are left at the owner’s risk and no liability will be accepted by the “Training Company” for any loss or damage however caused.

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