How much does HGV (LGV) Training Cost?

One of the most common questions we get asked is how much does HGV (LGV) training cost? And rightly so. We all want to make sure what we spend our hard earned money on is high quality and will benefit us in the future.

LGV training prices vary across the UK and depend on who you train with. Often, you can learn directly with a LGV training school (e.g. Leicester Driver Training Ltd) or you can learn through an independant LGV broker service.

What are HGV (LGV) Brokers?

HGV (LGV) brokers act as a middleman. They offer HGV training services and then outsource the training to a HGV training centre. The downside to this is they will likely charge far more money compared to training directly with the school. You also run the risk of receiving low quality driver training and unfortunately, some drivers have been scammed out of large amounts of money from brokers.

We strongly advise against using a broker and to contact a HGV training centre directly (such as ourselves).

HGV (LGV) Training Price List

Here at Leicester Driver Training Ltd, we pride ourselves on our high quality training, our professional approach and our extremely competitive pricing.

Every driver is different and some require more training than others. That’s why we offer HGV training packages to suit everyone.

Category C (Class 2) Pricing

Category C+E (Class 1) Pricing

Why are your HGV training prices so cheap?

The main reason we are able to offer our training at such an affordable price is there are no VAT charges. That means we pass the savings straight onto our customers so there is no VAT for you to pay. The prices you see above are the prices you pay.

Here at LDT, we care about your future. By providing top quality training at such an affordable price ensures you have the best possible start to your driving career.

So does that still make your training high quality?

Absolutely! We’ve been providing top quality HGV driver training for over 12 years. Just take a look at our customer reviews on our website or head over to our Google page reviews.

You’ll see our customers rate us 5 stars out of 5. You couldn’t ask for a better recommendation than that!

Do you offer weekend HGV training lessons?

Yes we do. One of our unique selling points is that we offer weekend HGV training at no additional cost. Some students prefer weekend training to avoid having to use annual leave whilst others find it suits their schedule better.

Contact us today and we will be happy to discuss our weekend training with you.

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