The B+E driving test allows you to drive a car (B) with a trailer (E). Different rules regarding the weight of these vehicles depends on your driving licence. View the rules in our Towing with a Car – The Complete Guide article.

After learning how to safely drive a car with a trailer, your instructor will advise you to book your practical test. There are no minimum amount of driving lessons you must take before booking your test. Contact us today to discuss your driving experience and we’ll be happy to advise on the amount of lessons you will need.

How to book a Car and Trailer (B+E) driving test?

You can book your driving test at the website.

To pass your B+E driving test, you must be able to:

  • Drive safely in different road and traffic conditions
  • Show that you understand The Highway Code by the way you drive

You can view further information about what it takes to pass your test at The National Standard for Driving Cars.

You must supply your own Car and Trailer for the test and it must meet strict rules and regulations. All Leicester Driver Training Ltd customers have use of our state of the art Car and Trailer for their driving test, compeltely FREE of charge.


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What happens during the Car and Trailer (B+E) driving test?

There are 6 parts in the B+E driving test (see below for more detail):

  1. Eyesight check
  2. Vehicle safety check questions (show me, tell me)
  3. Reversing your vehicle
  4. General driving ability
  5. Independent driving
  6. Coupling (attach) and Uncoupling (detach) the trailer

You must showcase your ability to successfully complete each part. The b+E driving test lasts for approximately 1 hour 20 minutes.

1. Eyesight check

You will have to read a number plate from a distance between 20 metres and 20.5 metres.

Failure to correctly read the number plate will lead to an automatic fail and the test will end.

2. Vehicle safety check questions (show me, tell me)

You will be asked 5 questions relating to basic vehicle safety checks. These are known as ‘show me, tell me‘ questions.

Question: Show me how you would check that your vehicle and trailer doors are secure.
Answer: Physical checks should be made to ensure that windows, roof light and all doors, including cargo doors, are properly closed.

3. Reversing your vehicle

The examiner will show you a diagram of where to reverse your car and trailer.

You must show you can complete this manoeuvre in a safe and compentent manner.

4. Your general driving ability

You will drive in various road and traffic conditions following the directions of your examiner. You must showcase a safe and competent driving ability whilst following The Highway Code.

5. Independant driving

You will have to drive for approximatelyt 10 miniutes whilst following road signs or verbal instructions (or a combination of both).

You cannot use a sat nav.

6. Coupling (attach) and uncoupling (detach) the trailer

You must be able to correctly:

  • uncouple (detach) the trailer from your car
  • park the car alongside the trailer
  • realign the car with the trailer and recouple them (attach)

Passing your car and trailer B+E driving test

You will pass your B+E driving test if you make:

  • no more than 15 driving faults (minors)
  • no serious or dangerous faults (majors)

Driving faults: Minors vs Majors

Minor faults are not potentially dangerous but they could become serious if repeated.

Major faults are a danger to you, the examiner or the public/property.


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